Monday, September 8, 2008

She's My Baby

So my real reason for going to the Fire Muster was to enter Ruby in a Crawl Derby. She's a fast little lady despite the fact that she crawls with her right leg dragging.

Before we left home, we had Ruby practice crawling from me to Ian. We thought for sure we had a future trophy holder in our midst.

When we arrived we filled her up with some protein and waited for the race to begin. They had 4 heats and we were in the second heat. From the looks of it, her only competition came from a little big boy who looked over one but had not yet begun walking. I was hoping that he would stand up and take a step thus resulting in him being disqualified.

Ha! Wishful thinking....this is how Ruby's race debut turned out:

"On your marks.get set. Go!"

She's got great starting form..........

But she never left her mark. She experienced a sudden case of nerves, which I had not prepared for, and we left empty handed.

And that little big boy won!

There's always next year. I'll just put a little mustache on her and forbid her to walk. Next year that trophy is I mean hers. That trophy is hers.

4 Ramble On:

Lu said...

Cutest.Thing.Ever. I think this is exactly what my son would do only he would be clinging to me and not his daddy.


Silly Ruby.

Shannie said...

Never fails... They will not perform on command. Damn kids! (She's just too cute, though!)

S_girls Mom said...

Jennie's daughter won the Crawl Derby a few years ago...

Ruby is adorable so you can't stay mad at her!