Thursday, December 18, 2008

Handle With Care

We are all packed and ready to go! We had planned on leaving early tomorrow morning but with the impending snow storm due tomorrow, we decided that tonite we will be making the 7hr trek home.

It'll be a crazy busy two weeks but I look forward on spending time with friends and family. I am especially excited to see two friends (Maggie and Meghan) that I haven't seen in well over 12 years. I am a little nervous but sure that once we see each other it'll be like old times and the banter will pick up where it left off.

Since I have two sisters that are not able to make it home, I plan on blogging throughout our vacation in hopes that they feel like they are a part of our holiday celebration.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Baby

We saw Santa three days in a row and Ava was in heaven. While most kids are intimidated by the man in the red suit, Ava approached Santa every time like a longtime friend that she hasn't seen in years. It just so happened that on two different holiday excursions, we had the unplanned fortune of seeing Santa.

Last week, we met with the "Momtourage" for our weekly get together and decided to check out the Macy's Christmas display depicting elves at work. At the end of the display we decided to pop in to say "hi" to Santa. Ava immediately sat on his lap and gave him a big hug. She whispered to him "All I want for Christmas is a deer, that's all..nothing else."

The second day, we saw Santa was a planned appointment to get our yearly photos with the "real" Santa. Sid portrays a wonderful Santa and the kids just love him. He takes the time with the kids and makes the extra effort to make the them feel comfortable. Before taking picture, he and the kids sat down on the floor and chatted. There was a lot of high fiving going on and Ava throwing her head back in laughter. She kept saying "Santa, you crack me up!"

On third day, we went to see an entertaining Christmas play about an elf named Albert who loses Rudolph's red nose. Ava was captivated and really enjoyed herself while Ruby was less than impressed and decided that schmoozing with the ladies behind us way better. Afterwards Santa was taking toy requests along with free pics... courtesy of your own camera.

No, I know some of you are wondering if Ava caught on to the fact that all the Santas looked different. She did. And had no problem pointing out the differences to each of them.

"Why does your beard look not for real?"
"Why are you not wearing a hat?"
"Where is your Santa pants?"
"I have black boots like you, why you not wearing your black boots?"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Child Is This?

Multitalented..... yep, it runs in the family.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Guy

I'm sitting at the table at preschool helping Loic(my part-time son) put glitter on a pine cone and Miss April is helping Ava decorate a Gingerbread man. Miss April whispers my name and signals me to come over to her table. She's giggling while showing me Ava's completed project.

Nothing unusual,right? Ha! Look again from this point of view:

Now that is one VERY happy Gingerbread man.

Nothing screams Christmas like an anatomically correct Gingerbread man!