Friday, September 12, 2008

Say You, Say Me

"Mom you the da best cook in da whole why world!"

Now that's a phrase I never expected to hear...ever.


"Ava, please stop body slamming your sister!"

Now where in the heck did she learn this?

From the Olympics, I'm sure.


"Mom, sometimes me and Loic fight. We just whittle kids and dat wat whittle kids do. We still learning." she says in the most convincing way.

Time-out averted.


"Ava, now that you're three, you need to stop trying to ride the cat like a horse."


"Ava, all these toys need to be picked up before you go to bed. Don't forget to put your books back where they belong."

"I know. I know. Top harassing me!"

*sigh* She's only three, can't imagine what the tween years will bring.

4 Ramble On:

melanie said...

I swear three year olds are really teens trapped in cute little kid bodies.

But, really I'm scared too.

Ms Pink said...

LOL - I almost peed my pants reading this tonight :)
Thanks for the laugh Ms Eva...

S_girls Mom said...

Does she have her hands on her hips when she says it? That is Sam's latest endeavor!

Brennan said...

She has got the worlds whittlest kids best vocabulary. Although Kael in the most recent weeks has been repeating everything his brother say and the latest has been..."mom its non of your business" LOL I'm not sure where my 5 year old got that from.