Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ava rubs my butt while stating, "I like your big o' booty."

"Gee, thanks."

"Mom, do you like my little booty?"

"Sure do."

Who knew that that day would embark her booty fascination. She would later do the booty dance whenever music would start playing. Then came the mooning while shaking and shouting, "Booty, booty, booty!"

Now she is into slapping them. I'm thinking she developed that skill while watching sand volleyball (they did A LOT of booty slapping) during the Olympic games because that would be about the time the slapping started.

First it started with just slapping the butts of the family members in the home. Then it progressed to family members outside of the home then it moved on to family friends. No biggie, I thought. She doesn't mean harm and it was pretty the time.

Since I have decided to teach preschool at home this year, I signed the kids(Ava and Loic) up for a Year Rounders Class through our school district. Basically it's a one day a week preschool and while they are in class, I'm at class too, discussing parenting issues and concerns with an educator. It gives us all a much needed break in the week to connect with others in our own age groups.

Anywho....yesterday was our first day of class and when I returned from my class the kids were still finishing up their snack. Ava finishes her snack and she helps the teacher put away the crackers and throw away the trash and then I hear a SMACK!

"She really likes my booty!" the teacher says laughing. Meaning it wasn't the first slap she received that day, but one of many.

The teacher didn't seem to mind the slaps..... in fact she seem to rather enjoy them?

Enjoy them or not, I put the booty slapping to an end.....not entirely true.....just no butt slapping out in public, just in the home. Oh and no butt slapping Mom. Everyone else is fair game.

5 Ramble On:

anna said...

Oh sure, it's all fun and games until she's sued for sexual harassment!


Anonymous said...

i am howling with laughter!!! that girl, she is too much!


Lu said...

Okay you should put some kind of disclaimer on this because I made the mistake of reading it in class and I am now trying not to laugh out loud during a discussion on international treaties.


Thanks. That REALLY cracked me up. I love it when kids have no boundaries!

Brennan said...

Ok now I found myself laughing out loud. I love the booty slapping story I think its one of your best ;-)