Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From A Distance

"Ooooo Mom, did you make this for little o me?"

"I love it! It's the most fantabulous thing I've ever seen. Whoohoo! look at those things shake. You should get a patent on this. This is amazing, the best toy ever. I'm telling you.....


that thing is dangerous! Much better on the floor...all by itself. Seriously Mom, what were you thinking?"

4 Ramble On:


L-M-A-O! You're killing me, here, REALLY!

anna said...


I think we played a similar game with a takeout container at one point.

Ahhh, babies!

Brennan said...

What a cool little invention. Ruby looked like she was throughly enjoying it.

Lu said...

HILARIOUS. Oh, babies and the things they love (and then promptly decide they hate).