Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let It Snow

It's been so cold here on the Tundra but the past week in a half we have been blessed with temps above 20 so the outdoors was the place you were likely to find us. I enjoy winter sport activities and look forward to introducing snowshoeing, ice skating, and cross country skiing as the girls continue to age.

Here are some pics from some of our outdoor adventures:

Ava was fearless on the hill.

Bundled up and virtually bump proof.

Run Ruby Run!

Tandem sledding

Mush mister, mush!

Going vertical


It's what all the cool kids are doing: ice surfing?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This year I resolved to start my yearly resolutions on February 1st rather than January as to really think thru some goals I wish to accomplish this year.

1. Buy myself fresh cut flowers weekly- I work hard all week the least I could do is reward myself with something that makes me happy.very happy.

2. To be more present in the moment. - I need to stop looking to the past to define me and the future to full fill me and enjoy just being in the now. This is one is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

3. Pick up sewing again- Okay, so the last time I sewed was in my 7th grade Home Ec class but let me tell you while everyone was completing their final project of sewing together a stuffed animal, I got all ambitious and made a sweet pair of stirrup pants. Perhaps, this is the exact push the stirrup pant needs to make a comeback this year. oops! this year's Christmas presents revealed.

4. Try to make up a catchy phrase or new slang word- I've tried this once before...let's hope this time it sticks. I personally think "fancy" and "prime" was way ahead of it's time.

5. Find the perfect bra.- I took the pencil test and for the first time I failed. My lovely lady lumps cannot endure the no-bra life... no more.

6. Learn a new dance move.- Must find new move to display when in Walmart as krumping has lost it's appeal.

7. Ditch my mommy uniform in favor of cool and current threads.- goodbye black pants and zip up hoodies hello stirrup pants and hi tops. white Reeboks of course.

8. Do 10 pushups.- non-girly style. I have the weakest arms. ever. 10 may be a bit lofty... I would be happy with 7 solid ones.

9. Stick to my blogging and cooking schedule- Hello? I have 16 weeks of meals planned and a long list of blogs to write...great at planning, not so great in the executing part.

10. Play more kickball.- need I say more?