Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please Do Not Go

"The Mamarazzi"

For the past week my adoring fan has made it quite known that she does not like it when I leave without her by my side.

Long gone are those precious months of escaping to the laundry room to steal some alone time folding clothes and the sweet, sweet luxury of going to the bathroom by myself.

Without fail when in the laundry area she goes right to the cat's bowl and dumps it all over causing a flood and more laundry for me to do. I finally got smart and now place her in a high- sided basket with some books for her to obliterate.

Now "the book" suggests keeping a basket of toys in every room as to help distract the little one from getting into the possible dangers that lurk around them.

What "the book" doesn't know is that my teeny weenie downstairs bathroom barely has extra room for a baby.......let alone room for a basket of toys.

So one day I'm scourging around the cabinet while sitting on the toilet( I'm talented that way) desperate to find something to distract Ruby before she tries climbing up my leg and breaking my concentration.

Meet Daddy(super plus), Mommy(super), Sis(regular), and Baby(lites).

All along I had a basket of "dolls" in my cabinet and I didn't even know it!

Now the only thing missing is....... Aunt Flo.

7 Ramble On:

SportsFan's Daughter said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment about the LE BRA made me LOL. Kudos on your resourcefulness/multi-tasking in keeping the kiddo entertained with the Tampax Family (weren't they neighbors of Barbie & Ken?).

Anonymous said...

I was looking at that picture thinking, "nah, that's not what I think it is..." I had a good laugh when I read the end!
Hope you are feeling better!


Lu said...


My son also cries if I leave the room and is not content hanging out with ANYONE else if he sees me around. This leads to a lot of lugging him around with me, or his father holding pillows in front of him while I run pass to get from one room to the other.

When I lug him around, I have found as long as I have a remote or a cup with me he is okay....


What a quick thinker you are. That is so dang funny. If you need somebody to take that adorable little monkey off your hands, you just let me know. I could cuddle that snuggle bug all day long!

Ms Pink said...

omg - i almost peed my pants when I read this...SO funny

Brennan said...

Ok I had to laugh again. Lets just say my Austin thought they were cigars when he was little, not to mention he comes out of the bathroom one day with a pad stuck on his head LOL. And Carson the curious little booger used to take them out and tie them together. Needless to say Parker and Kael never really ventured under my counter. Here's to motherhoood :-)

Lauren said...

Hi there-
I ran into your blog through a series of links, and really enjoy your writing.

This made my afternoon! I got a good laugh out of your resourcefulness.