Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loose Lips

We were coming home from the store where Ava had been very dramatic and persnickety and she wasn't letting up while on our drive home. I turned the radio up, way up, as so Ava wouldn't hear Ian and I discuss the situation.

"What's wrong with her?" Ian whispers.

"I don't know what's wrong with her, Ian, but she has been so emotional since she's turned three. It must be a three thing. Three is way worse than two."

"I'M NOT SO EMOTIONAL!" screams Ava, enunciating every letter slowly and totally proving our point.

Ian and I look at each other with wide-eyes and we are thinking simultaneously "WTF? She reads lips now?"

Better brush up on my Pig Latin.


We are no longer referred to mommy or daddy anymore, we've been demoted to "you guys".

"Hey you guys, I have an idea! I go upstairs and get my monies, we go to Tarjay and I get green Carebear, it'll be fun of course!"

Um yeah, it wasn't fun.

She'd been pestering us for a week about buying that green Carebear and then we get to the store....she doesn't even want it anymore. We walk around forever till she finally decides she wants a Little Pony add to the 20 she already has.

4 Ramble On:

Anonymous said...

It's a 3 thing. I always said that 3's are way worse than 2's. I call them the trying three's stage. Trying my patience. Wow she has great hearing!

p.s. I will totally understand if you want to ship her off to my house before next summer.


~Steph said...

Oh yeah...I've never understood why people say "terrible twos"! I usually say (sarcastically of course) "terrific threes".

Fours can be trying too... (Just so you feel better!) :)

Jeanna said...

Sorry, but I can't stop laughing! Two's are pretty bad, but from what i've been told and now heard, im dreading Max being three!

Brennan said...

Ok, that is funny and I am already anticipating the fun I am going to have with a little girl. I keep asking Kevin WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. As you know I know that the 4 boys are easy, but a girl...OH MY!