Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

We came home Monday night and what an exhausting trip it was, physically and emotionally.

In the seven days we were gone, six of those were spent in the car traveling.

Ava did amazing and only watched videos for only 4 hrs the whole entire trip. The rest of the hours were filled with her playing with her "babies" and asking tons of questions. At one point during our trip she commented to her "baby", " I haven't seen one horse, not even a cow dis whole time." We finally arrived into the town of our final destination and she pointed out the window and exclaimed "Oooo, Papa what's that?!" Papa replied, "That's a house, Ava." "OH". I guess one could forget what a house looks like when driving the on the interstate for three days straight.

As for Ruby.....not so good. On our first leg out there we drove to Illinois to meet up with my in-laws and then we were going to drive out the next day. Well on the way down Ruby cried for 2.5 hours straight and was so upset she puked all over herself. I felt awful. There was no way in hell that she was going to tolerate the rest of the trip. I made the agonizing decision to leave her in Illinois with my twin sister, Caroline.She was the perfect baby for my sister and even cut two more teeth. I didn't want to leave her but I knew I had made the right decision, especially when driving back home from Ill to Mn on Monday.Yikes!

The time spent in Virginia was heart-wrenching to say the least. It was nice to be surrounded with our loved ones during this difficult time.

Ava seemed to understand what was going on as much as a three year old could. I had prepared Ava by telling her that she was going to see a lot of crying that not to be scared when she saw me and daddy crying. She lightly stroked my arm and patted me softly, "That okay mom, don't be sad. The baby is with God and Albert."

Albert would be our cat that died last year and at that time she told me not to be sad then too, because Albert was with God now.

God I love her.

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Anonymous said...

Ava is so wise beyond her years. She's like an old soul at times.

I'm sure Caroline and the boys enjoyed having Ruby.

Since when did Albert become a car?


lisa said...

cat, car...they both purr.

too tired to proof-read.

Shannie said...

Glad you made it home! lol at your comment... And at Ava's comments. And I'd have to agree with Anonymous, what a perfect thing for your sweet little one to say to you just at the right time. Sweet girl.

And, oh, holy god, I almost wet my pets I was so excited when I heard Diggable Planets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lu said...

So glad you all made it home safe!


I just love emotionally intelligent children. They always just blow you away, don't they? So nice to have one in your family at times like these.