Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Believe In Miracles

Cue drumroll please:

For the first time ever

I browned hamburger!

I can see my sisters now......gasping in utter shock and my mom falling out of her chair.

But indeed I have begun, begrudgingly at first mind you, to take on the cooking duties. Now my mom can rest in peace knowing that her daughter is FINALLY cooking for her skinny husband like a good wife should.

11 Ramble On:

Anonymous said...

Yes I did gasp in utter shock! I had too read that twice! Browning meat is as easy as boiling water (you do know how to do that?).

Shall I mark you down for some cookbooks for Christmas or a dish at Turkey day?

Well I expect a homecooked meal from you when I visit.


lisa said...

you so don't want to hear my cooking mishaps. it's a comedy of horrors, I tell you

dine at your own risk.

Heather said...

Just remember to use pot holders when taking things out of the oven! Unlike me, I'm surprised that I don't have burn scars up and down my hands, fingers and arms.

So it's safe to say that you and I won't have a cooking show anytime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever cooked a meal for Ian ? I can't believe you ahve never browned meat. It took me a long time to get used to cooking now I kinda like it. Laura can be so demanding wants me to make tacos and tostadas and my awesome torilla chips. If you ever need any tips or recipes let me know. Pia =)

Anonymous said...

I just thought you hated cooking all this time, not that you couldn't do it! hahaha
Don't worry, cooking isn't hard, it's like a science lab: just follow directions and you'll get your end product. Maybe you should come over and I'll teach you a bunch of easy dishes! :)


lisa said...

now that i can brown meat...the possibilities are endless.

hold on to your chair....I'm also menu planning and sticking to a budget. me a budget? yep it the end of the world as we know it.

S_girls Mom said...

It sounds like you and I are on similar paths. I have many mishap stories and while my husband seems to appreciate me wanting to (read: feeling like I should) cook, he cringes almost every time.

My roommate from years ago loves to tell the story of when she had to show me how to brown hamburger. I of course, have no recollection of that event.

Good luck with the budget! I'm almost there!

Anonymous said...



Heather said...

A budget and menu planning?
Ok who is this intruder and when is my sister Lisa coming back? j/k
What's next? Buying all your clothes at Marshall's, TJ Max, thrift stores or gasp garage sales?? (I'm not knocking it- but if you know Lisa she can't stand messy stores)

Brennan said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I didn't know you didn't cook. I thought I read somewhere that was one of your most favorite things to do. And I'm not being sarchastic.

lisa said...

no you read right, I was being facetious when I wrote that on my now defunct myspace