Monday, August 4, 2008

Comfortably Numb

Oh man.... I'm hoping.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have my gallbladder removal surgery promptly at 12:40pm. It's a laparoscopic dealio that is done routinely and requires no overnight stay. My surgeon is highly qualified.... maybe over qualified. She is skilled not only in the art of removing body parts but in the transplanting of them as well. I'm in really, really good hands.

So what's the worry?

Let me count thy ways:

1) When I was in labor with Ava it took not one, not two, but three epidurals to numb me up.......partially.

2)When I was in labor with Ruby the epidural never took. I felt every contraction, every tear, and well everything when pushing that FACE UP baby out. YeeeOuch.

3) I had a root canal last month. Due to previous experiences above I opted for the gas and given seven Novocaine shots to numb me up real good. You guessed it..... it wore out within 10 minutes into the 1.5 hr painful procedure.

4) Last Monday, when in the E.R.. I was given morphine and in a mere 20 minutes I was doubling over again with intense pain.

I am a medical mystery, so I've been told......a medical mystery that happens to metabolize pain/numbing medicines in lightning speed.

When I was talking to the nurse during my preoperative evaluation about my problem he proceeded to tell me about the time when he woke up during his own surgery.He said he didn't feel any pain because the surgeons put localize pain medicines in the areas that they are working on in the event that someone does wake up. He was quickly put to back to sleep and the surgery went on without another hitch.He then stated that people would be surprised how often patients wake up when undergoing surgery and told me not to worry. I felt a little better when I left the appointment.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized that story doesn't help me out one bit, in fact, it made my fears worsen.

You see, due to my high tolerance of pain medication, in the event that I should, er.. ..when I wake up, you better believe I'm gonna feel it. Those localized pain meds don't stand a chance with this metabolizing machine wonder body of mine.

"And you body. Why of all things to metabolize fast you choose pain medicines? Seriously? How about metabolizing fat fast, you know, something useful? Once again you disappoint me."

I'm a-so scared!

14 Ramble On:

Bodke Family said...

All the best Lisa, I am sure everything will go fine. Let me know if you need anything.


Shannie said...

OH.MY.GOD. I'm scared for you, sister! But, I'm sure you'll be fine!!!!!!

Brennan said...

Good Luck Lisa! I hope everything went well.


You know what? It's going to be over in no time. If you do have pain, it will not be as bad as keeping those bastards in your body. Don't be scared, tough girl. You've bore two children into this world with that wacky bod. Go in there with a "I'm going to kick their asses" attitude! Boo-ya... or whatever it is they say in the military. LOL

~Steph said...

I agree with Erinn!! You survived those childbirth ordeals...this will be a piece of cake!!

(And my epidural with Henry didn't take either!! No fun...)

lisa said...

Thanks ladies and everyone for the well wishes. Your good vibes were felt and the surgery went great!

The anesthesiologists calmed my nerves and assured me that he would not let anything happen to me.
My nurses were so great..stroking my hair, telling me sweet nothings, and at my every beckon call...I didn't want to leave.

Not surprising though is that none of the pain meds given to me thru the IV took. Doctor ordered me some kick ass pain meds and I am feeling oh so very fine.

Oh and I made a deal with God...more on that later.

Let's Talk About Our Day said...

Oh Lisa... I'm just getting to this now. I so happy things went well for you.
Missing you girl!

Anonymous said...

hey lis were you able to talk with the pharmacist about the ib and pain med?

lisa said...

Yes Cat. It was ok to take and I was able to sleep pretty good. Sorry I couldn't talk long but my throat was sore from the breathing tube.

Again thanks everyone! I am feeling quite good :)

Shannie said...

YAY! Glad it went well! I've been thinking of you... Good drugs... Ahhhhhh.......

Lu said...

Man you have had some crazy medical experiences! I had an epidural with my son, and it took...but only on one side of my body. It was the weirdest thing, feeling half contractions. Not recommended.

Seriously though you will be FINE tomorrow especially with all these blog readers sending you positive energy (not to got all new-agey, but you know what I mean).

On an unrelated note:

(1) Thanks for the comment on my blog, it makes me feel like less of a bad mother (Beta mothers!)

(2) Your children - adorable

(3) I love your about me, since I too am a former fashionista that seems to have given up my heels and just about everything that goes with them

Lu said...

LOL I guess I should have looked at the date first. Glad it went well!

BTW, are you a red head? Red heads are supposed to be less susceptible to pain meds!

Anonymous said...

hey lis I told Anand about your high metabolism of pain med and he said it's like some genetic thing; some people metab. faster. He also said
there's research being done on personalized medicine according to someone's DNA! Pretty cool huh?

Cristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I hope everything went ok...