Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lady In Red

What? What's that you ask? What's my favorite color?

Well...let's see my ipod, phone, microwave, Buddha Board, camera, pots, pans, stroller,etc are all red. If it comes in red then that's what I'll choose...every time.

Is my affinity for red things subconsciously inbred? I just realized when sitting on the couch daydreaming that I named my daughter after my accent color...Ruby.



*Raising fists to air*

"Damn you Sonic and your hee-hee-larious commercials. Why do you taunt me with the funny and then not be remotely close to try your tasty morsels! Why oh why?"



Best thing to come around since the swiffer vac especially when spilling drinks has become an Olympic sport here in the Bruins household.

Next purchase...Mighty Putty. Oh the possibilities.

6 Ramble On:

Corbin Monkey- said...

Oh, but there is a Sonic within taunting range....94 & White Bear across from the Byerlys! I only know because my husband is having an affair with them.

lisa said...

40 minutes away is not close enough to satisfy my cravings on a whim :(

Anonymous said...

So I shouldn't tell you that there's a Sonic very close to my house! or that I had Sonic last night for dinner? or that I plan on going there tomorrow for the fried ice cream blast? or that they are open till midnight or later here or that when I'm on my way home from Target, I will take the long way home just to go to Sonic? But after tomorrow you won't be able to eat Sonic for awhile. Too bad so sad.


Anonymous said...

we're getting one in bartlett!

~Steph said...

I just tried the one on White Bear a couple weeks ago--it had been my first time! Even though my kids were being little monsters, it was a fun experience!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, your so funny! I love reading your blog. Pia and I think you should write a book about the adventures in the Bruins household.