Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Let the Dogs Out

We went over to our friend's, Mike and Rose, house for dinner and some puppy loving. They foster dogs until they are adopted out and at the present time they have 11 dogs! Five of the eleven are the cutest 6 week old puppies we had ever seen.

Ava was so excited to see all the puppies and claimed that all five of them were her favorite. Ruby didn't particularly care for any them. When they tried jumping on her, she gave a look of disdain and kept shoving them off her. She's more of a laid-back girl and the puppies were just harshing her mellow. She's definitely more of a cat person like me.

Don't get me wrong, I like dogs...other people's dogs. The constant attention, daily walks, picking up poop,the smell of dog breath, and did I mention the picking of poop......just doesn't appeal to me. I like to wear black a lot and dogs shed a lot therefore the combo just isn't in the cards for me to have a long term relationship with a dog.

Cats are more my speed and energy level. All they need is food, water, and an occasional rub now and then. Perhaps when the girls, most likely just Ava, is old enough to care for one on her own then maybe I will re-think the whole dog thing.

I like this one, this one, this one, this one and ooo, this one too!

Mom, HELP!

You see cute, I see a lint brush's dream. Plus, I don't dare wear white pants.

All right, I admit they are damn cute and this little one stole my heart.

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Am the same way about dogs. Other peep's, OK, for us, no way! Evan ADORES them and I know I'm in trouble in the future.

Brennan said...

awww!!! they are so flippin cute :-) I have to agree even though we have 2 dogs I like cats better and Carson is right there with his momma.