Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Breeze

We were approximately two miles from Ian's childhood home when the car filled up with the familiar smell of the cow farm ahead.

"I can tell we almost at Nana and Papa's house."

I'm thinking to myself, this kid has a great memory.

"What is it that tells you that we are almost there? Was it the sign we just saw?" I inquire.

Taking in a big whiff she happily states, "Mmmm, I can smell the horses."

"Honey, that's not horses you smell...those are cows."


We drive a little farther and come upon some cows.

"Look Ava, cows!"

"I don't like cows, they stinky!"

She liked the smell up until the point I said the word cow. The pig farm nearby doesn't smell any better, in fact, it smells worse and she likes that.

She must have some beef with the cows.

5 Ramble On:


You're so funny!

tag said...

I'm all to familiar with that look--she always gives it t me.

Dana said...

That is so funny - my college roommate could tell the difference between pig, cow and horse manure. Seems your little one can too. I love your blog...

Anonymous said...

That Ava sure cracks me up! She funny.


Seanna said...

Great work.