Monday, July 14, 2008

All Shook Up

We are finally back from vacation and as much as I enjoyed it, I am happy to be home among my comforts.

The three weeks went fast and we survived! No, I literally mean WE SURVIVED.

You see, in my previous posts I failed to mention that during our first week, there was a serial killer running rampant around my hometown of Sterling/ Rock Falls for several days.

I woke up a Friday morning and saw on the news that they had found a body of a man in the trunk of a car who lived 8 miles from Ian's parents house.....the house we were staying at. At first, I thought it was just an isolated incident since things like killing are rarely heard of around these neck of the woods. But as the day unfolded it became clear that one incident was to become a starting point for many more to come. That night we slept with the doors and cars locked, which in not the norm or need in a sleepy town such as Coleta.

The next day we tried to carry on about our day but the thought of a serial killer nearby kept us mindful of our surroundings. Now that we had an actual picture of what this guy looked like, thanks to the daily paper , I swore every guy I saw looked like this Sheley character.

When Ruby went down for a nap that afternoon, I decided to nap too. I barely slept the night before because every sound I heard, I was preparing myself to defend me and the girls....with an iron and large piece of wood. Hey, that's all I had. I was going to starch the hell of him if I had to!

So anyway, after our nap Ruby and I awoke to an empty house. I was scared and a little peeved that Ian left us there by ourselves, knowing the circumstances surrounding us. I quicky rang his number and demanded that he finish having his fun and come rescue us from possible danger. He obliged and quickly came home. We survived another day.

I was never so happy to see Monday approach for that was the day we would be leaving for Chicago to see my sister, Cat. How ironic is that? That going to a big city, where crimes are abundant, would make me feel safer than the situation that we were in.

Everyday we heard about more bodies being found. My heart broke when I heard he had brutally killed a two year old. That's when I decided that perhaps the death penalty wasn't such a bad idea.

On Wednesday, he was finally caught and we were able to breathe a little better and enjoy the rest of our trip.

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~Steph said...

That is absolutely terrible (and terrifying)!! I don't even know what else to say.

Let's Talk About Our Day said...

Oh My Golly!!
I'm soo happy you are all safe.


OMG that is so awful. I am so glad you guys and your family are all alright. How scary!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you all made it home in one piece.