Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sweet Escape

When it comes to planning vacations, some people automatically think of tropical, cultural, and adventurous destinations. We, here in our family, always think of going "back home" to vacation.

Ian and I grew up in a small towns and most of our family still resides there. All the Nanas and Papas are there, so Ava and Ruby are in their own sweet paradise.

We always stay with Ian's family and he grew up in a quiet town with a population of 200. I feel at home there, more so than any other place...including my own home. Sure they don't have all the modern technology I am used to......ok, mainly high speed internet. But maybe that's a good thing because I can easily get sucked onto the computer instead of enjoying my idyllic surroundings.

We've been here two weeks already and have another one to go and I am already getting sad that we will be having to leave soon. It's been nice to have extra hands around to help with the kids. I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, showering by myself, completing a meal, and date nights with my squeeze.

As much as Ava loves her Nanas she has begun asking to go back to Minnesota. She misses her swingset, her Pablo doll, and her friends the most. I think she misses her routine and the comforts she is used to. I know Ruby misses her home too. Since we arrived, she hasn't slept well and won't unless I lay down with her. I forgot (ran out of room) to bring her comfy and very portable Amby bed with and she is refusing to sleep in the playpen. Oh well, at least I am getting in some more zzzz's and sweet snuggle time with the babe.

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