Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bigger Than My Body

Upon entering Nana and Papa's house, I spotted this most hilarious object.

What's so funny? Look at it, it's frinkin ginormous! I just had to look at this thing and I would bust gut from laughing so hard.

Ruby on the other hand thought she had died and gone to heaven. Not only was the remote super-sized but Nana let her play with it all the time.

Why do babies love remote controls so much?

At home I don't let her play with ours because I know first hand what happens when a little baby slobber works it's way in....me getting up to change the channels....(gasp)MANUALLY. I've tried passing off the historic vcr remote control but she wants nothing to with it and I can't seem to understand why. Essentially the vcr has become obsolete but she doesn't know that....or does she?

I miss seeing that jumbo eye-sore and will be scouring the stores from which it came from this weekend. Not only will it provide me minutes of laughing enjoyment in my day but it has proved itself to be slobber- proof and hard to lose.

7 Ramble On:


I've tried the obsolete remote trick too and it didn't work for me either!

Anonymous said...

Now playing " Attack of the Killer Remote Control".

That thing is bigger than Ruby!

FormerlyFun said...

Is that a novelty remote or do your parents have really bad eyesight?

I too have tried the defunct remote and it never holds her attention as long.

lisa said...

That thing is for real.

They said they got it because they are always losing the remote.

You couldn't lose that thing if you tried. That thing is as big as a coloring book.

Let's Talk About Our Day said...

I laughed outloud when I scrolled down to the pic of Ruby holding the remote. That is funny stuff!!

Brennan said...

What a hoot! I know a friend of mine bought one at Walgreens, because everytime she came home with a new remote she would either lose it or the dog would chew it up. Apparantly the dog is afraid of this supersize remote. :-)

Lu said...

This is HILARIOUS because I was just asking myself "Why does he love the remote so darn much?" this morning!

Forget toys, give the kid an old remote and a box.