Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mama Tried

Ava woke up last night crying and calling out for me. I went in and she was sitting up in bed with her finger up her nose. She cried out "Mommy, I can't get this booger out!"

So I grab a tissue from the bathroom and instructed her blow into it. After several tries, it was still lodged in there. So then I twisted the tissue to resemble a skinnier finger in hopes of retrieving that thing so I could get to back to sleep ASAP. Nope, it only pushed it furthur up. I told her that I was going have to go to to plan B-the dreaded booger spray and plunger. She started to cry in hysterics and I was getting anxious for fear that she would wake up the baby and then I would really have to kiss getting some sleep goodbye. I had to do something and something quick. That's when I had to pull out the big guns,her kryptonite,the ace-in-the-hole, the....."Nana Card"

I grabbed the spray bottle and "read" back to her what the bottle said. "Nasal spray mositurizer, it's Nana approved. She loves this stuff and so will you!" She then let me do my thing and finally she was able to breath again, booger free.

Ava loves her five nanas and unfortunately for us they all live 7 hrs away. When I asked her who she wanted to invite to her birthday she quickly rattled off the names of all her nanas. They were on the top of the list, actually they were the only ones on the list. When I told her that they were not able to come, you could just see her little heart break. For her, it would be a grand day if she could be with all her nanas at the same time focusing all their attention on her.

I am guilty of using her nana obsession to my advantage when all my pleading makes no difference. I must say though, it has gotten her to eat vegetables, wear pony-tails, start sharing more, stop picking her lips and now..booger plunging. And because there are five nanas and I don't exactly specify which nana stamped her approval , I don't feel that I am lying because I know at least one of them would back me up. I think.

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