Sunday, June 8, 2008

Personal Jesus

Lately Ava has been curious about God, wanting to know where God is and what God does. I try to explain it to her in a simple manner as not to confuse her. But it has been quite challenging since she probes and probes without end. She also has the idea in her head that before she was born, she was a puppy hanging out with God. I guess that explains the growl she makes when I ask her do something she'd rather not do and the great fun she has lapping up the bath water.

So yesterday we were sitting on the floor in the living room playing with Ruby and commenting on how crazy Ruby's hair looks. I told her when I was a little baby my hair was crazy like that too. Then she wanted to know where she was and I told her that she hadn't been born yet.

"Oh, that when I was a puppy with God"
"Oh, really?"
"Yep and God is sleeping upstairs in your room."
Is that so?"
"Uh huh?"

Hmmm. The only person sleeping upstairs that I knew of ...was Daddy. I suppose to a little girl, daddy is God-like . With his juggling skills, his ability to throw her high up into the air,his loving arms when he carries her, his infinite patience, and his endless encouragement....I can see where one could get that idea.

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mileshudson said...

Out of the mouths of babes:)
p.s. I get it. they're all song titles. . .very clever!