Monday, June 16, 2008

Bye, Bye Baby

The other day, Ava and I went to the grocery store to pick up some various items, both foodstuffs and otherwise. As we were walking down the main aisle she spied a Garfield doll that was laying, out of place, on a shelf at eye level. She said, "Ooo, daddy can I get Tigger?!"
I said, "That's Garfield, honey, not Tigger. And no, we can't buy Garfield."
"Oh, Gahfeel. Can we get Gahfeel?"
I said, "No, we can't get Garfield, but you can carry him around the store until we leave." And she was OK with that.
Well, we went down by the deli and there, almost shouting at the poor parents walking by, "Hey, we got your number!" was a big tall shelf of various little stuffed animals. There was Dora and Diego and Pablo and Tyrone and Tasha and Uniqua. She really loves the Backyardigans lately, so she dropped Garfield and picked up Uniqua. "Oh, Uniqua, the pink one. I have to show Pablo. Pablo needs a friend (she already has two Pablo dolls at home.) Can we get Uniqua, daddy?
"No, but you can carry her around until we have to leave." She said OK, but she kept asking to buy the Uniqua doll.
We walked by that shelf again and she decided she didn't want Uniqua anymore, she wanted Tasha now. "Can we get Tasha?"
Again I had to tell her she could walk with it, but we would have to put it back before we left. To this she replied, "But Tasha will miss me soo much!" I just about started laughing at this; you should have heard the sorrow in her voice. She sounded genuinely sad that Tasha would "miss her soo much."

Sorry if anybody was looking for a tantrum at the end of this story, because when it was time to go, we walked by the shelf and she put it right back- hardly any fuss. Her "miss me soo much" was just so cute, I had to write about it.


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