Friday, June 6, 2008

Golden Slumbers

Ruby amazes me in her ability to adapt to sleeping in any situation. When Ava was a baby, I had to rock and hold her the entire time she napped. She would nap two hours at a time, twice a day all while in my arms for 11mos. Now, Ava is a wonderful sleeper logging in 11hrs at night and 2 -3hrs at nap. I guess when I look back, it didn't bother me so much because I was happy that she was at least sleeping through the night in her crib and I also enjoyed the bonding time.

Where as with Ruby, I can just lay her down and she falls right to sleep, pretty much anywhere. Yesterday I helped out at a garage sale and I spotted a backpack carrier and decided to try Ruby in it. She seem to like it and she eventually fell asleep in it. So I brought her into the house, carefully took off the backpack as not to disturb her, pulled out the kickstand and she sat there sleeping peacefully for about an hour until she was woken up by all the commotion from the kids coming inside because it had started to rain outside.

Man, oh man, I wish I could sleep as good as she does...... any day, just another example how Ruby is like her daddy.

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Anonymous said... I'm not the Baby Whisperer?
I better shred those business cards I had made up.

Ms Pink said...

I LOVE this :)