Sunday, June 15, 2008


Why he's One Cool Cat.

1) He took up juggling to impress his children and their friends. Now he wants a unicycle.

2) When he plays Tea Party with Ava he always reminds her to poose her imaginary hot tea so she doesn't burn her lips.

3) He has the ability to put Ruby to sleep within minutes just by holding her football style.

4) He's awesome at making bottles.

5) He isn't at the least embarrassed when he's eating with his co-workers and opens up his lunch box to find one of Ava's babies in there. He proudly shows it off.

6) He actually enjoys coloring.

7) Daddy is the preferred choice for tucking in time.

8) He reads to Ava when she's on the potty.

9) He's patient. So VERY patient.

10) He scratches our backs on demand.

11) He's ours and we love him.... for loving us.

Thank You for making every day Father's Day!

7 Ramble On:

FormerlyFun said...

Your #7 is my favourite and my husband is the preferred tucker-inner too. Sounds like you got a good one too, really makes a difference.

melanie said...

I love the juggling.

Anonymous said...

I want to see this juggling!


lisa said...

I never showed you the juggling, Cat? I thought I had shown every visitor (at least once!)

Thank you, Lisa. You are such a sweet wife and good mother. I hope I am appreciated as much I appreciate you.

(Note: My patience is not near infinite. It's just that I have more than Lisa, which isn't saying much! [wink!])


Kris said...

Very cute! What a great guy- sounds a lot like my hubby!

By the way, thanks for the nice comment on my very first posting! I actually wrote that for a class I'm taking, but I got blasted by my professor for sharing it publically. I just went and set up a new blog site for all to see. . .

audra said...

Yay! happy dad's day! (I'm sorry I flaked and didn't say it earlier)

I said the word "poose" down here and everyone thought I was speaking a foreign language- or talking dirty

Anonymous said...

I thought "poose" was a this a Bruin's word?