Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're My Best Friend

For the past two years, I have been taking care of one of my best friend's son, Loic. I like to refer to him as my part-time son since he has become such a part of our family. Ava and Loic adore each other and when they are apart they are often asking where the other one is. Sure they squabble like brother and sister but for the most part they get along well and enjoy playing with each other. Ava has established herself as the leader and Loic the accomplice and they are happy with their roles. It's funny to see Loic mimic everything that Ava does, from repeating everything she says to mirroring her facial expressions.

I was often asked if they are twins. Which is the funniest thing since one is brown and one is white. Most surprisingly, I got asked a lot at the OB clinic when I was pregnant with Ruby. Sometimes I would just smile and say yes....while busting a gut laughing on the inside to such absurdness. But mostly I would reply that no they weren't twins just best friends.

This past Monday marked the last day that Loic would be coming to my house. Ava is starting preschool next year and Loic was unable to get into the same program. I had been explaining to them for the past few weeks that they were no longer going to see each other every day to prepare them when the time came to part.

It was a sad day but we made plans to see other on Thursday and then he is coming over Saturday evening for a movie night while his parents attend a wedding. But that hasn't stopped Ava from asking everyday if Loic was going to be coming today. In fact, when Ruby got a little fussy the other day, Ava said it was because Ruby missed Loic. Thankfully, one set of Ava's grandparents are here visiting which has kept her occupied and has adjusted pretty well without her other half.

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Awe. That is so sad for them.

Brennan said...

This story just broke my heart. I to have been watching 3 kids for the past 2 years, of which at the time Kael was 13 months old and Emily was 4 months old. They have become little playmates. I don't watch Emily on Thursdays and Kael always asks where she is. Well on Thursday July 3rd it will be my last day to watch all 3 kids, there moms have hired a nanny to watch them at there house. I know Kael is only 2 1/2 and will not understand that Emily will no longer be coming back. I do not know how he will adjust because he has always had someone to play with. :-(