Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comfort You

Last night I fell ill with a some sort of wretched stomach bug and was still feeling pretty crummy this morning. Thankfully, Ian was not scheduled to work today and he took charge of the girls while I got some much needed rest.
When I was up, I laid upon the couch while the daily life with two children buzzed around me.

Ava felt compelled to help ease my discomfort and brought over her doctor play equipment. She listened to my heartbeat...which was good. She took my temperature and according to her it was too high and proceeded to give me some medicine. She then held a tissue up to my nose and instructed me to blow into it. I obliged willingly and told her that she was a great nurse. She shot me a piercing look and said "I'm not a nurse, I'm Dr. Ava. Doctors don't give shots, the nurse does."

Well she got me there because the last time she saw the doctor, she did get finger pricked twice by the nurse. And then yesterday at Ruby's well baby check she was in the room with me when Dr.Clark left and watched the nurse return with 3 needles to insert into Ruby's legs. So in her little mind..... doctors good, nurses not so good. Holy Frijoles! How do I tell her that her two beloved Nanas are nurses?

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Anonymous said...

Tell her nurses are cool because the get to handle sharp objects! lol