Sunday, May 25, 2008

Freeze Frame

When Ava was 6 mos old, I decided that I would start a tradition in which at every half birthday we would spend the day doing something special and at some point in the day stop to get our picture taken in a photo booth to mark the occasion.

Well today it was finally Ruby's turn.

Getting ready for her big day.

We stopped at the photo booth first.

We strolled around looking at the peace exibit, did a little shopping, stopped to watch tap dancers perform all the while she slept.

Then we left and sat under a shady tree and ate some icecream.
It was a good day :)

2 Ramble On:

Ms Pink said...

What a wonderful tradition! I have always loved half bdays myself.

audra said...

what a great idea!

I just realized the title of the blogs are song titles- dur!

that's a great idea too!