Saturday, May 24, 2008

Walk This Way

There is no doubt that on the surface the girls look like me. What you don't know is that they have inherited a lot of Ian's various dominant genes.

Ian has a birthmark on his head that turns a patch of his hair lighter and Ruby has it too. Ava has a great sense of direction and a memory that I wish I had a fraction of....just like him. They both have his fine hair, his ears, and most notably (bordering on bizarre) this:

Long second toes....longer than the big toe. Weird.

3 Ramble On:

Anonymous said...

I googled this phenomenon; check this out it's pretty interesting!
They've got Greek Feet or Morton's toe
Second long toe was preferred in Greek art



Anonymous said...

They've got Aunt Heather's toes too! My 2nd toes are longer than my big toes.

Lu said...

I have those same damn toes and so does my son!