Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Say It Isn't So

I was in the kitchen washing the baby bottles when I spotted Ava hopping up and down with her knees knocked and holding herself.

Me: Ava do you have to go potty?
Ava: No.
Me: Then why does it look like you are doing the potty dance? Why don't you just go and try.
Ava: Mom, I'm just holding my "lady business" and dancing.
Me: oh okay, Michael
She turns around and walks away stating matter-of-factly " I already went......in the bathtub."

That would be the same bathtub that we were just in, sharing a bubble bath. I know they say that pee is sterile but ewww!

8 Ramble On:

Ms Pink said...


At least it wasn't the orange baby poo...I got that one time with Liam and it was SO GROSS!!!
Sterile or not, I know how you feel :)

Anonymous said...

Ya know the saying " Golden showers bring May flowers...."

At least you didn't have to fish poop out of the tub.


Anonymous said...

pee is sterile until it leaves your body; sorry! hehehe :)


lisa said...

thanks cat for crushing my hopes. I was clinging to the idea that "they" was right. I guess not. You start your own website called Cathipedia.com

Anonymous said...

Cathipedia--everything you ever wanted to know about urine.


lisa said...

Hello? More like Cathipeedia

Let's Talk About Our Day said...

Oh MY!!
Even my husband got a kick out of this one!!! I usually read the funny blogs outloud! ;)

audra said...

I love "lady business"