Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let It Grow

About a month or so ago, Ian came home from work and declared that we would be taking our recent virtual MyFarm addiction into a real life application. In the continuing efforts of going "green", Ian's company decided to start a company farm and dole out some unused land to those employees interested.
Yes! I could finally show everyone all those wasted hours and accumulated millions were not in vain.

Here's our plot of land. We haven't named it yet as all my suggestions have been shot down.

A few days earlier upon visiting the farm, Ian worked hard and did all the grunt work and planted watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Our job this day was to do a massive weed pulling sweep.

The girls did fantastic...I, on the other hand, starting pulling the all "big" weeds I had spotted. I quickly ripped them out and beamed with pride when I showed the fam just how skilled I was at this farming business...turned out I had pulled out all the tomatoes! *insert bruised ego here*

Ava watering the tomatoes/ "big" weeds after Ian replanted them.

Hanging out with "Dada" as Ruby affectionately called him. Tall and skinny...close enough.

2 Ramble On:

Cat said...

this is so cool!

Brennan said...

Oh my is it still chilly their? I noticed the girls still had pants and jackets on!

And I think a tomato plan could easily be mistaken for a weed LOL