Friday, October 24, 2008

Say, Say, Say

"Mom! Loic hit me!"

"Let's use our hands for hugs not for hitting our friends. Does Thomas the Train hit his friends? "

"No." replies Loic

"Mom, Thomas doesn't have hands!"


We received information animal cards in the mail from National Geographic that I thought Ava would enjoy. She was excited to find them on the coffee table when she awoke from nap. She quickly grabbed them and began studying the pictures.

"Hey Moms, what are these Polar Bears doing?"

I take a look and read the caption to myself. It is explaining the mating rituals that the Polar Bears do prior to becoming amorous.

"It looks like they are getting ready to make a baby."

"Oh... did you and daddy play pat-a-cake too when you made me?"

"Um um............something like that."


Ava comes down from nap time and I am watching Alicia Keys perform one of her songs on Oprah.

"Look Mom, Hannah Montana!"

I have five sisters, Heather, Caroline, Pia, Laura, and Cathy. Ava adores all her aunts and wishes they all lived closer.

I got off the phone with my sister, Laura, and Ava says,"Mom, I miss Aunt Lola. Is Aunt Lola your sister?"

"Yes. Do you know all my sisters names?"

"Aunt Lola, Aunt Hedder, Aunt Carewine, Aunt Cassy, and Aunt Pia, Pia, PIANO!"

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