Saturday, October 18, 2008

Me and You

Hey guys, you're in for a real treat! My mom took me to the Children's Museum the other day and I met an awesome new friend there. It's an adventure to go see her but I'm sure you'll agree it's well worth it. Follow me.

First we have climb up some stairs.

These girls are cool and all but I'm telling you my new best friend is even cooler than cool!

Let's cross the scary bridge.

And squeeze through the log roll.
We're almost there!

There she is!

We're practically like twins. Don't you just love her hair?

And head hugs are a must for this divine creature.

She's definitely a ten in my book.

Love her! Isn't she just the greatest?

4 Ramble On:

Manager Mom said...

She is totally scrumptious.

Also, wanted to drop by to say I know it's been short time reading each other but wanted to let you know, I'm shutting down my blog and taking a break, and wanted to thank you for reading and supporting.

All the best.


Brennan said...

What a hoot! But how perfect to catch her loving herself. She is one beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see her again....I really can't believe how big she has gotten.

Cristin said...

I want to eat her up. She looks to be about my daughter's age... 19 months... It's just the cutest... This the second post about a Children's Museum I've seen today. Maybe it's a sign that I have to take the kids...

S_girls Mom said...

I love Ruby's hair and Ava's beard! It looks like a fun day!