Monday, October 13, 2008

Maybe I'm Amazed

As many of you know, Ruby, is nearing her first birthday in two weeks and for the past month she has been keeping us busy with her milestone mania.

I was re-vamping the dining room and moved all the furniture into the living room so I could begin the task of prepping the room for a repaint. I moved her portable changing table to a different area so I could place the bookcases in it's place......waiting and ready to be decoupaged while the paint was drying.

I finally finished the taping portion part of it and took a break on the Lazy Boy watching the girls play before putting the them to bed so I could begin painting once their heads hit their pillows. They loved the fact that the living room was in disarray and enjoyed playing under the table and chairs.

Ruby's changing table was moved to a nearby dining chair and she got adventurous and stepped upon it and glanced back at me with a "mom help! I can't get back down!" look. I encouraged her to give a try all by herself and she stepped right off.

She had the biggest grin and she was so proud of herself. She walked up and down along the couch shouting " I do dat! I do dat! I do dat!" over and over.

I don't know which surprised me more...her stepping down by herself or the three word sentences spewing from her mouth!

Along with those amazing accomplishments here are a few more things happening with her:

1. clapping
2. signing "more"
3. raising the roof (that's a requirement here in my house party household)
4. tantrums-- this I could do without!
5. eyelash batting--who can say "no" to that
6. She's also been tagged with a new nickname----DESTRUCTO
7. stair!
8. new word- GO
9. head hugging --she places her forehead on yours and gives you a cute.
10. she enjoys hanging out upside down... in a downward dog yoga pose.

There you have it. She is one of the many reasons I haven't been blogging lately, she keeps me on my toes and by the end of the day I am just too wiped out to even think about blogging.

Things have finally slowed down and your regularly scheduled program has returned!

4 Ramble On:

cat said...

I just can't believe she talks now!

Shannie said...

She's so stinkin' cute!!! It's amazing how fast it all happens, isn't it... Next thing we know, they'll be sneaking out and smoking cigarettes... (Let's hope we, or at least I, don't get pay back.)

Lu said...

Milestone mania has hit my home too!

Reesy (almost ten months) is crawling, saying words, laughing, giving high fives, pinching everyone, he got some teeth, and he is just this big ball of personality.

Can't they slow down at least long enough for me to get out the camera? Sheesh.

She is getting so big I can't believe it!

Brennan said...

Yeah!!! for Ruby...I'm so glad your back to blogging I have missed you :-)