Sunday, October 19, 2008

Someone Like You

Last week while at the Children's Museum, Ava wanted to stop at the face painting station. She picked up the yellow paint and asked me to draw a sun on her left cheek. After I finished the sun I asked what she wanted me to draw on her other cheek.

Do you want raindrops on that side? No
How a rainbow or perhaps a red heart? No
Well what do you want?
I want a beer.
A beer? Do you mean a bear? I can make a teddy bear face.
No mom. A beer....... like daddy. I wanna look like daddy.
Oh, daddy.

A beard!

I almost peed my pants trying to contain the laughter every time I stole a glance at my bearded daughter. She thought she was the coolest thing because she sporting a beard like her daddy. She couldn't wait to show him that, NOW, they looked alike.

A couple days ago I overheard her telling Ruby "Ruby, you and me, we look like our mommy not our daddy. We have chocolate milk skin like mommy and Dora(the Explorer). Daddy has blue eyes and we have black eyes. So we look like our mommy, okay?"

Not anymore.

4 Ramble On:

~Steph said...

So precious!!

Cristin said...

She looks adorable with the Beer!!!

Brennan said...

I nearly pee'd my pants reading that. I always love to hear kids thoughts and words.

michele said...

that's seriously the funniest thing i'll hear all day. and i got no sleep last night ... *nothing* will be funny today. thank you, sweet girl!!