Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love Bytes

Shhh! My new baby just fell asleep. She's been up all day since being delivered this morning, weighing in at 2.28 lbs and 8.9 inches long. She's tiny but mighty powerful...and a Q T to boot. The girls are adjusting quite well to their new sister but they are already trying to push her buttons.

Doesn't she look so peaceful when she's sleeping?

Uh,oh. I spoke too soon. She's waking up. Look she's smiling at you!

Meet our newest addition: Mini aDell Bruins
Don't you just want to put your hands all over her?

6 Ramble On:

cat said...

your dining room looks great, I love the color!!

Cristin said...

I'm jealous! Of the laptop, and the sweet dining room!! Well done!

audra said...

sweet! I can't wait to see your new place. I love love the way it is decorated

michele said...

i adore your dining room and must come over to admire those frames on the wall ... i mean, let the girls play with each other. yeah. i meant that. congrats on the new baby!

Shannie said...

HEY! I love your new baby! You're totally making me catch baby fever... I need a new one, too. NOW. And what a K-ute room, there missy!

Brennan said...

Too funny I kept looking at the pictures thinking what the heck is she talking about LOL.....Congrats on the new addition LOL.