Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rich Girl

So we are walking home after spending the morning at a Fall Frolic themed Super Saturday class offered at our local children education center when I spot a crumpled green back laying on the curb. Rather than selfishly snatch it myself, I let Ava experience her first "big money" find.

I casually stopped and pretended to tie my slip on sneakers in hopes that Ava would avert her eyes downward and spot the dollar. She didn't see it. So then I pretended to drop the bag of artwork I was carrying right next to the dollar and then had her pick up the fallen bag. She still didn't see it. Then I had her observe the tree above and then look below to see if she could find any fallen leaves...tying in what we learned hours ago. She STILL didn't see the dollar.

I gave up.

I literally pointed the dollar out and she excitedly picked it up.

" Oooo, Mom now I can buy "orange pony" at Tar-jay with all my monies!"

"You need to find about 22 more of those dollars to buy that Little Pony doll that crawls."

"Oh" she said with disappointment in her voice.

"Just keep saving your money and soon you'll be able to buy it or maybe Santa will bring it for Christmas."


She later decided to spend her dollar on a large chocolate chip cookie at Panera Bread instead. I guess she's thinking Santa is not going to disappoint and will be bringing her "orange pony" at Christmas.


Now I did contemplate briefly on keeping that dollar for myself because that would've been the first time that I actually found money that wasn't in coin form.

I seem to lose money rather than find it.

When I was in grade school I sold my felt-tip markers to some boy in my class and he gave me,from what I remember,tons of money. I took it home and hid it, so that my mom wouldn't find out but then I couldn't remember where I had stashed it when it came time to spend it. Money lost.

I lost $50 when I stopped to look through a pile of shirts while in American Eagle (Hey,I was still a teen then...nineteen). I was holding the fifty in my around like that. I must of thought that it was safer in my hand than in my pocket because it was weeks ago that $20 mysteriously disappeared while in my own pocket.

One time I lost $300 because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take my money pouch along while chaperoning a tween dance at the YMCA. Yeah, I lost the pouch but days later it was found but not with the $300 intact.

There are more lost money stories....many more...... but recounting them is just too painful.

I like to consider myself more of a good luck charm...people seem to find money when I'm around. (let me clarify...they are not finding money at the same time I'm losing it) My sister, Pia, used to always find money....I was always with her at those times. I remember Ian found $20 while we were driving in an alley way and he spotted it in the grass....I was with him. My friend found $50 while out to eat....I was with her.

Oh and let's not forget the many people who find money in their own pockets...again I'm there to witness the finds.

Catch my drift? I have many of those stories and they're just as painful because I've still not found any "miracle" money.

What's the most you've ever found? What's the most you've ever lost?

11 Ramble On:


Maybe your money is in the lottery. I saw a young lady at CUB yesterday flaunting a $100 around. I thought to myself that someone was just going to lift that right away if she wasn't more careful. I can't think of any good personal lose or find stories. Maybe my luck is on it's way!

Ms Pink said...

$350...but to be fair, I found it in my house after my roommate had misplaced it months before after a long night of drinking.
He had stuck it waaaaay up in the top cupboard in the kitchen along with his ID, credit cards, etc.
I was nice and gave it to him, laughing the entire time...hehe

LOVE the haircut by the way. It's absolutely perfect :)

Anonymous said...

I like you never& I mean never find money. I don't lose money though. I cant't believe Ava is still on the Pretty Pony kick. I thought for sure she would have moved onto something else!

Brennan said...

Ok come see me I need to find some money.
I have never lost any money that I know of. But the most I have ever found was $20.

Anonymous said...

I found a thousand dollars once! but it was my neighbors, i gave it back a coupe days later, i wanted him to suffer for awhile, i had to walk away with something, right?
I remember once you lost money when we were roomies in minnesota, wasn't it 200 or something?


lisa said...

*sob* yes, you're right,Levi.thanks for the painful memory.

Cat said...

i think the most I found was $20 in the dorms. I rarely find money in paper form, usually it's quarters and dimes.
I think you've lost $50 once when we were shopping a long time ago at some mall. :)

lisa said...

*sob* yes,you're right Cat.thanks for yet another painful memory.

I finally got cash for me....ever!

SportsFan's Daughter said...

I kind of can't get over how priceless the pic of your daughter holding up the dollar bill is! I can't help but imagine a talking bubble coming from her head that reads, "I got a dollar. Bitch." Although I'm sure she'd never use that language...

Heather said...

I seem to remember that you lost at least $50 at the Gap or some similiar store, we looked all throughout the store and asked the sales associates and you did end up finding it in your purse.

I lost my wallet full of money etc at the Albertville Outlet Mall but it was quickly found by a sales associate.

Manager Mom said...

On my first real date with my husband, he found a $10 bill and I remember thinking, "hm..maybe this guy is lucky."

He didn't GET lucky that night if you catch my drift, but I decided to keep him.