Sunday, April 20, 2008

You Turn the Screws

Last year when Ava was 18mo old, Papa John and Nana Bonnie had come for a visit. John had brought up some cable parts so that he could run the cable up to our bedroom. Ava immediately took an interest in the mini screwdriver and began trying to unscrew the cable parts.
Since then she has had a fascination with manual hand tools.

So when I was updating our montessori activity kits, I came across an activity called Boards of Education. It consists of three wooden boards with different screws and screwdrivers to take apart and then put back together. Well, it had been on back order since this fall and I almost forgot about it until it came via UPS the other day. Today was the first time I presented it to her and she was delighted. She began unscrewing the screws as though this was a task that she performed daily. She quickly finished and shreiked "This game is fun, I'm awesome!"

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