Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleep Through the Static

I am happy to report that I am sleeping. Really I am.

I don't remember being this sleep deprived with Ava . Perhaps because I followed the advice to sleep when the baby sleeps. But having a busy body toddler around, there wasn't much zzz's being caught around here. I often felt like I was sleepwalking through the day, just going through the motions of every day life as a mom.

These things may or may not have happened to me:
1) You're on the phone and the receptionist asks you what your name is and you have to look at your incoming mail to find out.
2) You have stubbled across a cell phone, box of cereal, a book, and clean dishes in the fridge.
3) For three weeks straight you used fabric softener rather than detergent when doing laundry.
4)At the end of the day hubby points out that your daughter's underwear are not only backwards but inside out as well. And you've been taking her to the bathroom every time.

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