Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Thing

We had just found our seats on the hay rack and we were on our way to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween. Seated fairly close to us was a father and a sweet baby about 9 months old. The little girl had a huge growth on her face about half the size of her own head resulting in the disfigurement of her face. I was quickly preparing for the answers in my head that Ava, then 2, would inevitably ask.

Ava got sight of the baby and tugged on my arm and said, "Mom, look!" pointing at the baby.

I took a deep breath and before I could reply back, she exclaimed " Isn't she just so cute!"


I was in full election fever this past fall and had the television turned on to CNN every chance I got. Now Ava had already become very familiar with Barack Obama when she got the chance to go to the caucus for Obama earlier in February with Ian. She had been chanting "It's Obama for dis widdle mama!" for quite some time now.

Ruby was in bed for the night and Ava was sitting at the coffee table having a little snack while I caught the start of the presidential debate.

She looked at the television and then looked down at her arm and then looked back to the television and nonchalantly said, " You know what Mom? Me and Barack, we don't look the same.....but.that's.okay. Ending with a thumbs up.


Last Wednesday, was our last day of preschool and I had just returned from the parent educational portion part and we were getting ready to go outside to play. Miss Heather, Ava's teacher, pulled me aside and wanted to talk with me about Ava and Loic. "Uh oh, what happened now?" I thought to myself. You see, Ava and Loic (my part-time son) had been butting heads lately, it's like one minute they adore each other and the next...well, they don't. I thought for sure they had brought their fighting into the school arena.

Miss Heather proceeded to tell me this.

Ava and her classmate, Jada, were playing house together, ironing blankets. (I rarely iron.this. she did not get from me). Loic was off playing with the toy trains with some of the boys that had just come in. The girls were having a great time together and Jada wanted to know if she could be Ava's best friend. Ava replied, " I already have a best friend." Pointing repeatedly over at....Loic.

My heart melted.

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