Monday, May 11, 2009

Hard To Handle

I was thisclose to not writing a blog today. I usually like to write once the girls are tucked away in their beds for the night, it gives me uninterrupted time to think and reflect. But for the last month or so I have been just too emotionally spent to even get the gumption to want to write, read, or finish the home projects that are piling up fast. Get this. I bought a label machine about a month ago and I, little miss organizing queen, haven't even used it yet!

Ruby had entered the terrible two's combined with the up and coming incisors that her mood was changing faster than the blink of an eye: I was going bonkers. Made me even wish we were back to this:

The "stink-eye"

At least it was quieter....

Ruby seems to have passed that little hump but now all of sudden Ava is starting the tantrums. I asked her why this was happening and said she learned it from Ruby. yikes! Does this mean that Ruby is going to re-learn this all over again. *Sigh* I just can't win.

"Keep calm and carry on, Keep calm and carry on, Keep calm and carry on"

5 Ramble On:

Cat said...

it's back! poor Ruby, poor you! Those pics are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

To funny!

Brennan said...

OMG you and your blogging are back. I have soooooooo missed you :-)

Centsational Girl said...

That stink eye is too funny. Aaaah, the toddler years. What age do they start to roll their eyes at you ? I'm still waiting.

Fallon said...

Shes cute! I give my boyfriend the stink eye all the time =P