Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm a Wheel Watcher

Not by choice just by proxy.

I like to catch the 6pm local news and then afterwards I busy myself with cleaning up the kitchen and whatnot. I just leave the TV on while the girls play among themselves and it just so happens the following program is "Wheel of Fortune." I, for one, am not a big game show kinda gal so I never really paid any attention...it was merely background noise that was being drowned out by the "magical" swiffer vac.

Well in a matter of days the girls got bit by the Wheel watching bug and now they must watch the "Wheel" every day. As soon as it comes on Ava jumps up and down shouting with glee " My show! My show!" Ruby runs around the table excited and pulls a chair up close to her beloved "Wheel".

Ruby has become the designated clapper and cheers for everyone while Ava is the letter SHOUTER and puzzle solver. Ava has dreams of her and I participating in a mother-daughter episode one day. I say she has more luck getting her sister on show with her than me...a sibling episode would be preferred.

But because I'm such a good mother and like to foster my children's interest (gag)... we are now proud owners of a SPIN ID. If I must endure the "Wheel", I might well try to win some money....for the therapy they'll need later.

"Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel."

"Big money , big money!"

Who knew? The "Wheel".... it brings families together....

What!? "Wheel" are YOU mocking ME?