Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Goes On

When Ava comes home from school Ian and I go through her backpack and check what the teacher sent home with her. Ian handed me the papers after he had finished looking through them. One of the papers was a journal consisting of several periodic day in the last month. When I came upon this drawing depicting a typical day in the Bruins household, I burst out laughing.

See for yourself:

 Look a little closer.

Do you see it?

Let me help you.

Ava and Ruby are eating at the table, Gus is crawling around...probably looking for fallen food. ha! And I am doing some model posing (??). Anyhoo look at where she put her daddy, the bathroom...reading on the toilet. lololol

I then concluded that I must be standing there waving my arms and screaming..."Spray the freshner! Spray the Freshner!"

Oh, Ava that is classic. Pure Classic.

I can only imagine what her teacher thought!

Will she be able to look into to Ian's eyes at Friday's conference without busting gut?

I guess we'll find out!

*Ava did not see the humor in the drawing at all, to her that is her normal every day life. :)

2 Ramble On:

Trudy said...

I love it! It is just what my daughter would of drawn at that age. Just look at the detail in that picture, that girl is going to be a artist.

Sherry said...

Awww!!!!! How hilarious!! Kids are way more observant than we think they are!!! Great blog!! :)