Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh What a Night

3 excited kids.
Not many lighted houses.
Lots of walking.
15 minutes in, baby was done.
3 suckers later, he was really done and really sticky.
No wipes.
No diaper either.
Ruby was tired of holding her bag.
I held her bag.
It got cold.
Ruby had to pee.
Found a potty in form of a bush.
In someone's yard.
Front yard.
We got lost.
I like to say confused.
Gps on phone not working.
Realized we lived in a very hilly 'hood.
Our dogs are barking.
Gus is growling.
The other street over had lights a plenty.
Mommy wanted more candy.
Mommy needs more candy.
Ruby loses a shoe.
Ava laughs.
Ruby crys.
Then Gus crys.
Mommy wants to cry.
One hour in and the girls are done.
I'm so done.
Go home.
Eat candy.
Put the kids to bed.
Eat more candy.
Just one more Snicker bar.
Ok, this is absolutely my very last one.
I promise.
Breaks promise.
Continues to break even more promises.
Sugar Coma.
Gulit Trip.
The End.

How cute is this?

When Ava was 16 months at Halloween she dressed up like a princess. My mom had gotten this really pretty white dress at a thrift store so Ava could start a dress- up clothes collection. What a handy, free costume at our disposable.  Well, the dress was about 1.5 inches too long and she kept tripping on it all morning.  When Ava took her afternoon nap, Ian went out to the Halloween store and picked her up a costume. A $60 Elephant costume!

I'd say we finally got our money's worth!

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I love that elephant costume. I wish I had made Mia into the chick that I had for Owen and Evan, but I haven't seen it since the move. :o( But she was an elephant and elephants are stinkin' cute! Neat little border thing on the photo collage. How did you do that?