Monday, August 17, 2009

We Are Family

Ian, Ruby, Ava, Lisa
In this drawing she gave Ian and me some ears(gigantic ones) but didn't give any to herself or Ruby.
Oh, how art imitates life.

Ruby, Ava, Lisa, Ian
I like how she made a mustache and beard on herself so she could look more like her daddy who is in fact a different color than us. Pretty observant, huh?

Speaking of mustaches....
We were at some friends house last week and noticed that her friend's grandmother had some facial hair above her lip and quickly turned to me to ask "Mom, when am I going to get a mustache like hers?"

She may be the only female alive who actually welcomes facial hair. Soon enough Ava...soon enough...

3 Ramble On:

jenjen said...

Oh my goodness - those drawings are adorable! I love that age - the things they create are priceless. I have framed some that my kids made then. I love it!


Shannie said...

She can have some of mine... Damn pregnancy hormones.

Too cute! Love the artwork!!!!


OMG She cracks me UP!!! LOVE that Ian is green.