Thursday, August 20, 2009

Splish Splash

Agent 1007 armed and ready to complete Mission Splish Splash

Target: "The Dumper"
1007 tired of big sis dumping large cups of water on head when bathing together and laughing hysterically at her expense.

Rule #1 Make friends with your enemy; highly recommend getting matching outfits for ease of assimilation.

Rule #2 Pretend that you are bored with activity and leave to climb on playground structure all the while hiding out to make your move.

Rule # 3 Don't wear squeaky shoes.

Rule # 4 Sneak up behind target with full bucket. Proceed to dump water all over HER head.

Rule #5 Squeal in sweet, sweet revenge delight as target runs away.


And if all else fails... release pent up frustrations on unsuspecting victim... namely mom.

3 Ramble On:

Ellen said...

You are so so clever and funny........write a children's book. AND, you children are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I hear Ava gave Loïc the lowdown on the seed and the egg process.........and her plans for them!!! Very funny.


That is the biggest grin I have ever seen on Ruby's face!

Tina said...

How darn cute...

Your daughters are darling...

Thanks for sharing...