Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eight Days a Week

Ava's sense of time is one that leaves me laughing daily; like when today I overheard her talking to her best bud, Loic, about something that happened yestertime...he understood perfectly. He must be in that same time zone as her.

Here's a handy translation:

last Friday= the last time it occurred
the udder day= any day...go crazy and just pick a day
yestertime= yesterday
dis Monday= sometime in the future
last week= months and months ago
da next day-= tomorrow
last Tuesday-= last week

4 Ramble On:

Brennan said...

All of my kids say or have said Last Morning....meaning yesterday. Which cracks me up because in all technicality they are right. :-)

Little Lovables said...

so cute how they speak the same language! for my little one, everything is "3 hours", "3 dollars" and he always says redundtant things, like "two both of them"

ps, i'm a lisa too!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Oh that's funny - I've always said that when my kids understood time, my life would change. I'm famous for saying "one minute" and then giving them ten minutes.


Evan has started using an Ava phrase. Instead of yes, he says, "ya huh."