Monday, January 19, 2009

At Last

So..I've been hiding over on Facebook hoping that my blog would write itself but, alas, that has not happened so here is a quick recap on our holiday festivities.

Holiday visiting will result in:

Lots of smiling

Santa loving

tree touch sneaking

deer spotting


uncle hugging

Nana bonding

good cheering

cosmic bowling

car ride home crying

angry cat scratching.

We had a wonderful time and thank everyone for taking time out in their day to spend it with us.

We love you all and can't wait to do it all again next year!

6 Ramble On:

Cat said...

I just about fell off of the couch to see a new blog entry!! Yay!

Michelle said...

Looks the way thanks for the facebook.... now i am an addict. Anyway, looks good. And i better not have to wait til next Dec... i was thinking like June maybe!

lisa said...

Good one, Lisa. You are quite the photographer.

Did you see Ian's hair in the picture of Ava and the deer? wow!

lisa said...

that comment was Ian. He hijack my account. Seriously..take a look at his hilarious do' in the background.


Shannie said...

Glad you had a good holiday and all, but, damn that was a long break from the blog! LOL! Jk. Love the pics!!!!

cat said...

i totally saw Ian's hair!! I don't know what's better, that pic or the family christmas one. hahahaha