Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Message In a Bottle

I got a fancy schmancy new phone with GPS capabilities and the ability to add applications that we were able to start a new family adventure in geocaching.

Today we set out on 2 hunts for geocaches and had some success. The first one we found at a park not to far from our house and the geocache was hidden under a bench used to seat baseball players. It was a sign and date geocache so for the second hunt we opted to try one with a trinket prize inside. Unfortunately, walking along the river in flip flops and carrying a squirmy baby did not yield in the results we were hoping for.

Woot! Woot!

Geocaching? Eating clovers is where it's at!

Hot, thirsty, and too close to dinner we gave up on our search.

1 out of 2 wasn't bad for our first time out and it was fun trying to find the clever hiding places. I can't wait till we find actual treasure!

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