Tuesday, July 12, 2011


                                                                Look how big Gus looks!

That picture was taken a month ago when Gus was 8 months old. This babyhood of his sure isn't lasting for long. He currently is wearing size 12months and weighs approximately 23lbs.(last time we weighed him was at 7.5lbs and he was 22lbs)  Gus now sports 6 teeth with 2 more working their way through. He can say Mama, Dada, No, and roar and neigh. He sleeps about 10 hrs a night and takes two 45 minute naps a day. He is constantly learning new things and is quite the curious little fellow. Ava is always amazed at how clever Gus is and she is a big help in reining in that kid. As the months go by, I find myself saying that every new month is my favorite so without further ado...I  wish I could freeze him at 9 months for longer than 30 days. :)

High fives are so last year...it's all about the high one!

                                                           *sigh* See.. isn't month nine just divine?

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He looks so different all of a sudden. Still adorable, though. Even the back of his head is adorable!