Sunday, February 1, 2009


This year I resolved to start my yearly resolutions on February 1st rather than January as to really think thru some goals I wish to accomplish this year.

1. Buy myself fresh cut flowers weekly- I work hard all week the least I could do is reward myself with something that makes me happy.very happy.

2. To be more present in the moment. - I need to stop looking to the past to define me and the future to full fill me and enjoy just being in the now. This is one is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

3. Pick up sewing again- Okay, so the last time I sewed was in my 7th grade Home Ec class but let me tell you while everyone was completing their final project of sewing together a stuffed animal, I got all ambitious and made a sweet pair of stirrup pants. Perhaps, this is the exact push the stirrup pant needs to make a comeback this year. oops! this year's Christmas presents revealed.

4. Try to make up a catchy phrase or new slang word- I've tried this once before...let's hope this time it sticks. I personally think "fancy" and "prime" was way ahead of it's time.

5. Find the perfect bra.- I took the pencil test and for the first time I failed. My lovely lady lumps cannot endure the no-bra life... no more.

6. Learn a new dance move.- Must find new move to display when in Walmart as krumping has lost it's appeal.

7. Ditch my mommy uniform in favor of cool and current threads.- goodbye black pants and zip up hoodies hello stirrup pants and hi tops. white Reeboks of course.

8. Do 10 pushups.- non-girly style. I have the weakest arms. ever. 10 may be a bit lofty... I would be happy with 7 solid ones.

9. Stick to my blogging and cooking schedule- Hello? I have 16 weeks of meals planned and a long list of blogs to write...great at planning, not so great in the executing part.

10. Play more kickball.- need I say more?

6 Ramble On:

Pia said...

Just don't start break dancing as your new dance moves this year. I tried it last winter and I tore my bicep tendon on my arm. the doc said I had to have surgery decided against it and let it heal itself. Boy it was so painful.

Heather said...

Sweet stirrup pants. I prefer to wear mine with a big shoulder padded blazer and heels. I believe that portrays "classy".
Perhaps Pia and Cat can knit us matching sweaters to wear with the stirrup pants.

Cat said...

May I suggest the Charleston


Maybe you could make some Zumbos for the girls with a nice princess pattern or zebra stripes. A backwards v-neck would accent them nicely, I think.

Brennan said...

Your a hoot...need I say more. But goals are good to have.

Kristina with a K said...

I did the same thing this year {started my "Resolutions" in Feb}

Your list is great and made me laugh.

What about some jams? You know, those huge long shorts everyone wore in the '80's? Hammer pants perhaps?