Friday, December 12, 2008

My Guy

I'm sitting at the table at preschool helping Loic(my part-time son) put glitter on a pine cone and Miss April is helping Ava decorate a Gingerbread man. Miss April whispers my name and signals me to come over to her table. She's giggling while showing me Ava's completed project.

Nothing unusual,right? Ha! Look again from this point of view:

Now that is one VERY happy Gingerbread man.

Nothing screams Christmas like an anatomically correct Gingerbread man!

2 Ramble On:


I have SO missed your posts. What a riot!

Brennan said...

I am so with there with the Letts family. I have totally missed seeing your blogs. Now I do love that Gingerbread man.

I was laughing hysterically....and with the cold I have I'm sure it sounded hysterical.