Friday, June 17, 2011

School's Out For the Summer

First day of school (9/2010)

Last day of school (6/2011)

Last Friday marked Ava's completion of Kindergarten. She went half days five days a week. She learned so much this first year such as reading, counting to 100, and tons of history and science things. It just astounds me how much they learn compared to what I learned Kindergarten, it's craziness! She has a thrist for knowledge and I hope it continues throughout her lifetime.
Unfortunately, she also learned how cruel some kids can be as well.  The school bus bully, being made fun of for wearing Spiderman(boy) shoes, and called a vampire (pointy tooth) were some of the issues that this year brought up. My heart broke to see that innocence lost but it also gave us an opportunity to arm her with smart, self- assured comebacks about being a leader and an individual.
Ruby missed her sister fiercely , I worry how she will handle Ava being gone all day next year.

We may be seeing a lot of this:

Taken after dropping Ava off on the first day of school. So sad :(

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